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The Baltic Driving School, which is based in Vilnius, prepares training for category A and category B drivers (driver courses). There are two ways to choose training:

  • With a group (learning in the classroom with teachers);
    Driving with a group of drivers is listening to the theory course and understanding it, studying at the driving school (classroom), preparing to hold and sustaining the lecturer’s theory exam, and driving a course (on-site and in-town) with professional instructors, where the pupil learns to drive a vehicle, and understand and integrate into the peculiarities of traffic.
  • External (self-sustaining theory of State Enterprise Regitra).
    Extramural learning is an independent preparation for the theoretical exam for Regitra SE, followed by driving to the driving school and passing a driving / practice lesson with professional driving instructors, where the pupil is trained correctly, is responsible for driving the vehicle and is ready to take the exam, and to attend the test. .

Minimum age for drivers: Category B – 17 years; Category A1 – 16 years; Category A2 – 18 years; Category A – 24 years.

Our driving school coordinates practical classes / driving lessons according to your needs, i.e. we are flexible in terms of time and space.

A kategorija, motociklo teisės Vilniuje. A1 ir A2 kategorijos mokymas


Those who wishing to learn how to drive a motorcycle and obtain a A1 (from 16 years), A2 (from 18 years) or A (from 24 years old) driving licenses. There are several ways you can prepare for Category A courses.
  • Self, i.e., keeping the theory externally. Category A is an independent preparation for the theory and its maintenance by the State Enterprise Regitra, while driving lessons with a motorcycle on the field and in the city with an instructor. Upon arrival at our school and signing the contract you will receive the KET test codes (to be able to deal with the home), additional information on the examination procedure, required certificates and other issues to be addressed.
  • Group learning in theory and individual driving lessons with instructors. Category A in the group is the preparation of theory at school with lecturers and with special aids and practical driving lessons in the field, as well as in the city with instructors. When you arrive at our school, you will receive all the necessary information and knowledge about the desired category and its training.

We organize first-aid courses.


Those who want to learn how to drive a car and obtain a B (passenger car) driver license. There are two ways to prepare for Category B courses:

  • Self-sustaining, it is an exterior (from 17 years old). Category B external – is the preparation of the theory on its own and its maintenance by the State Enterprise Regitra, and the practice of driving in the driving school.
  • In-group training and individual driving lessons with an instructor (from 17 years). Category B with a group – theory and practice are carried out in a driving school with the help of a teacher and an instructor.

We organize first-aid courses.

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